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Technology is developing at an ever increasing pace speed. Production processes and machines work faster and more efficiently. This also increases the demand on perfect systems and components.

Your specialist.

At BDM you will find all the knowledge and equipment needed to design, manufacture and produce according to the highest quality requirements.

BDM BV is your specialist in high precision applications for bearings, bearing systems, spindles and all other custom made parts and components.

Product & Service
We manufacture high precision bearings and bearing systems for different companies in, for example, the semi-conductor and machine tool industry.

We have more than 20 years of experience in custom design made bearings and spindles.

BDM BV designs, develops and manufactures ultra-precision components and parts, based on the latest material and production technologies. We do this in combination with fundamental application knowledge.

BDM is your specialist in design and manufacture of custom-made ultra-precise parts and components.

As a manufacturer of sub-micron components, we work with various renowned system builders and manufacturers in the semi-conductor, aerospace and medical industries to find the best way to optimize their product.
You will find a BDM component at the core of almost every system.

BDM has a modern high-tech machine park and is constantly investing in the most advanced technological precision equipment.

With Hembrug hydrostatic CNC lathes and the latest measuring equipment from eg Mahr (LD120, MMQ400), we create the best possible sub-micron production environment to meet all your requirements.

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